Oh these pies aren’t homemade, they were made in a factory.

A bomb factory.

They’re bombs.

who the fuck thought up the plot for this episode


i feel safe knowin members like this are workin in the FBI


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"Sarah assumes the life of Beth, who is North American, but Sarah is from working-class South London. So she’s got a very different accent than Beth, obviously. But Sarah has lived here for many years, so she knows the sounds, and it was really fun to play with the levels of when she slips up, when Sarah comes out, when she kind of screws up a little bit… That’s fun to play with, cause it raises the stakes a bit. Makes it a bit more tense.” (x)

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  • WiFi: connected
  • Me: then fucking act like it
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i think i messed up my dog

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Reblog if you have boobs






one girl scrolled past this and woke up without boobs

Forever reblog cuz I don’t wanna wake up without boobs.

The fucking notes

Just read the notes

I’m not gonna risk anything

Jenny and Vastra + Deep Breath

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My sexuality’s not the most interesting thing about me.
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orphan black au where everything is the same except paul is played by natalie dormer

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[doesn’t talk to anyone at all] why don’t i have any friends

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